We Promote Marriage Equality

Costas Wedding Planning

Since the legalisation of same sex marriage, I´ve sought to help same sex couples and members of the LGBTQ+ Community to find a wedding planner team who are supportive of same sex marriage and are pro marriage equality.

I will be more than honoured to plan your wedding with ideas and inspiration for your big day as I connect you to the best in the business who are supportive of LGBTQ+ Love.

By hiring me, I can make it happen together! So, get in touch with me and let’s chat about your wedding plans!

Canary Islands

The best spot to get married

More than 20 years have passed since I arrived on these beautiful islands, traveled and lived abroad, the world is a wonderful place, but I can’t imagine my life anywhere other than the Canary Islands, feel the sea breeze, the sunlight and see the most romantic sunsets, like a dream. Come and say Yes I Do in the Canary Islands…


Because it’s your wedding, it should be unique


No detail is too small

I take your fun seriously

I am here to help you organise that long-awaited day, no matter how big or small your wedding is. I will accompany you along the way, thinking about every detail, choosing each element, a simple detail can make a big difference.


All about LGBTQ News

I think about you and your wedding day, I care about you in one of the most important days of your life, read any of the Blog Posts to get the best ideas and see how important you are for me… Love is Love!

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