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We understand how important it is to choose the perfect spot for your wedding destination. That’s why we provide you with 7 juicy destinations – the Canary Islands. This environmentally-rich archipielago of 7 islands offers from the craziest parties to breathtaking landscapes and kilometer-long, paradisiac beaches. There is an island suited perfectly to meet your personal needs and desires on the most important day of your life. Each island has its own flair and personality and we are more than prepared to find the one that best matches the wedding of your dreams. We’ve prepared for you a brief description of each island and we promise you…  it just the tip of the iceberg compared to the hidden treasures that this ensemblé of islands has to offer. If you would love to hear more about any of them, please let us know

Canary Islands Wedding Destination

This island is very special due to its astonishing landscapes and volcanic views. Wherever you look you will find something that will blow your mind. Not only does it offer the views, but also incredible beaches all from black to white… you choose your favorite wine. The biggest plus of this island? The wine. Here they have special way of cultivating grapes that will give your favorite drink a special taste.

Visit the wineries and wine cellars to that have their own Designation of Origin and have a taste of the delicious Malvasia wines.  This World Biosphere Reserve offers you caves, beaches, volcanic lagoons and amazing art that attracts tourists from all over the world.  If you feel like discovering the world under water you can also take a short trip to the small Lobos Island were you can snorkel the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic ocean. Prepare yourself to start your marriage with good vibes and relaxed energies that this island has to offer. If peace is what you look for, then Lanzarote is the place for you… Canary Islands: My Wedding Destination

Canary Islands Wedding Destination

Have you always dreamed of getting married at a white-sanded beach in the Caribbean, but it’s just too far for you? Then Fuerteventura is the place to go. Picture the beach you want… this island can give it to you. It has over 150 km of beaches in all types of shapes and colours, in addition to the calm and crystal-clear water, the ideal place to relax. Explore the island on the quest to find the perfect beach were you and your lover can enjoy of some alone fun-time.  If adrenaline is also one of your needs, then start preparing your swimsuit for some kite- and windsurf lessons… and while you are at the booking process, you also may want to book a massage for the aftermath!

As soon as the lights go out, light up a candle and open that nice bottle of canarian wine and submerge into the delicious taste of some queso majorero (goat cheese), for which this island is so famous for, while you gaze at one of the clearest skies you’re eyes have ever witnessed. This destination promises a lot of sun, relaxation and all the privacy you need for this important day.

Canary Islands Wedding Destination

You and your partner, you are stars! If having a wedding hosted by stars is what you want, then this is the place to be. La Palma is amongst one of the places in the world that will get you closer to the cosmos due to its clear and protected night skies. If having a memorable wedding under a sky you will never forget then stop hesitating and go for this island.  If you’re starting to get worried about day-time activities, we can tell you for sure that there is enough to do.

This little piece of world is covered with sun-bathed beaches, dense pine forests with over a 1000 km of walking tracks filled with fresh air and beautiful waterfalls, clouds merging with laurel forests, small towns that will take you back in time and astonishing views of the whole island that will take your breath away. Guaranteed. Disconnect from reality and surround yourself by all the nature that this island can provide. The perfect place to relax and let go… Canary Islands: My Wedding Destination

Canary Islands Wedding Destination

Looking to escape reality and submerge into a magical fairy tail surrounded by nature? La Gomera, even though it’s one of the smallest islands, provides you with more than 600 km of trails that will never stop surprising you. From landscape to landscape you will find valleys filled with palms, deep cliffs made of vertical lava pipes, incredible forests  filled with laurel flowers, species of plants and animals that have extinguished in the rest of the world, volcanic formations that result in amazing landscapes and most importantly typical canarian towns that will give you the feeling that you are living in another planet.

To make you feel like you are even more out of this world, the inhabitants of this island have their own language, but we are not talking about a spoken language… they communicate with whistles! Yes, you read correctly. This started in the pre-hispanic era when people here had to communicate from one side of the ravine to the other and came up with this out-of-this-world method, which is still up to date and being taught in schools to the children. This place is pure magic and it’s right there, waiting for you to host a wedding completely extra-ordinary.

Canary Islands Wedding Destination

We understand that couples don’t always have the same taste in everything and that finding a place that suits both desires is sometimes hard. If this is your case, then Gran Canaria is the perfect place to get married. The capital of the Canary Islands is territory for everyone… doesn’t matter what you are looking for, everything is possible. From huge parties to relaxing wellness spas, from sunny beaches to dense forests, from hot weather to cold weather, from prehistoric volcanoes to massive dunes, from interesting museums to adventure-full amusement parks, from small cities to big cities, from local farmers-markets to huge shopping malls… anything and everything is possible.

If you and your couple are uncertain about the perfect place, then you have found the right one right here. What we have mentioned before is just the appetizer, but there’s even more that we will let you discover by yourself (or with a little help from us too). There’s just one thing that we cannot forget to mention: Gran Canaria is the cradle of gay pride. LGBTQ+ is not just perfectly normal and accepted but there are places, parties and events designated for this brilliant part of the world’s population. This island hosts one of the craziest and funniest gay pride parades in the world which you wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the upcoming events on https://maspalomaspride.es/. You are the judge, but trust us, there is no hard decision to take when it comes to this island.

Canary Islands Wedding Destination

Good things come in small packages. This is the case of el Hierro. It is the smallest island and yet it has so many things to offer that you will not know where to start. Picture your wedding 700m above sea level with a beautiful sunset view over the valley and giant cliffs that will take your breath away. Your wedding reception? At a local restaurant surrounded by the work of art of César Manrique accompanied by delicious traditional canarian food. There’s nothing that could go wrong here.

The honeymoon? Mysterious and magical forests with abundant nature that is scarce in the rest of the world, underwater activities with beautiful coral reefs, quiet and warm natural pools formed by volcanoes and much, much more. A calm place full of recharging energy that will be the perfect place to start your marriage. Plus, if you are a save-the-world freak, this could be the perfect island for you, since it’s the only one that is 100% sustainable… Canary Islands: My Wedding Destination

Canary Islands Wedding Destination

The island of a thousand experiences. Seriously. Tenerife is a very adventurous island that can provide you with all types of terrestrial and non terrestrial experiences. Starting with “El Teide”, which is the third biggest volcano on earth, that will give you the sensation that you are walking on Mars. Isn’t that an exotic place to get married? – don’t worry, you don’t have to get to the top to feel like your on Mars, all of its surroundings will convince you that you are there. Following, you have the Anaga Rural Park that will awaken all of your senses.

This beautiful forest takes you on a walk that can transmit mindfulness in a way that you have never felt before – breathe, see, smell, listen and .. well maybe you can also taste! But if tasting the forest is not your thing then you can try out eating delicious canarian food restaurant located next to the deep blue ocean. Since we are already talking about oceans, how do you feel about going whale watching and spotting one or more of the 26 different whale species that this place has to offer? If that scares you a little, you might as well just relax on a sailboat of visit one of the many theme parks on the island. One thing is guaranteed – a 100% of fun! As you can see, if you want a wedding full of variety, Tenerife is the place to be.

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