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Meet Ana

Equality wedding planner

Hi! I am Ana Costas. My passion is to create unique experiences for people who want to celebrate love and life in the Canary Islands.

I was born in Northern Spain and have travelled the world, living in countries such as Germany, the UK and New Zealand. But now, I want to bring the world to the Canary Islands, which is where I have spent most of my life. Themed events are my speciality, which means; if you would like to create something exciting, unique and exotic, you are in the right place.

Whether you are planning to pop the question, celebrate your engagement, combine your honeymoon with your wedding, or be inspired by the stories on my blog, I’m here to help you do that in style. Along with my passion I bring with me over 15 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. Customer Service is at the heart of everything I do and believe in – I care about my customers!

Service Costas wedding Planning

No detail is too small

I work with you to bring your big day vision to life, stress free…

Now that you know a little bit about me – I want to get to know you. Please drop me a line and tell me about the event you are planning and the vision you have… also remember i am your LGBTQ+ Wedding Planner. Because it is your wedding it must be unique… we can make your dream come true!

Make your pup the star of your nuptials


My other great love is animals and my dream is to one day be part of, “The Wildlife Fund” with Ellen DeGeneres: she is a woman I admire for having such a great heart.

If you are an animal lover like me, your best friend must be one of the special guests. We can organize your wedding with pets … everyone can come!

lgbtq wedding planner

Meet Teo

Teo was my inspiration to provide the option to include your beloved furry family members to be part of your wedding day. He was born in Spain mainland (Cuenca) where we met for first time. Since then Teo has travelled the world with me , from Madrid to the Canary Islands to New Zealand with stopovers in many Countries and thousands of kilometres/miles under his deserved cruiser weight title belt. Teo’s expertise in sampling, critiquing, “acquiring”, and swiftly like magic he makes most food disappear. His passion for purpose combined with his world wide experience has given Teo a broad, complex palette to ensure every dish achieves and exceeds the required standards. Teo’s relentless efforts to provide people cuisine perfection for the big event, pressures endured break most in his profession. As such a self imposed strict routine is followed, satisfaction for clients is satisfaction for self now from kitchen to couch for a little siesta, being well rested is the key for Teo to reduce stress, providing optimal health and performance. Needed when he hits the dance floor or under a disco ball. He receives a reward for any new business leads he generates in turn he rewards new business with his presence being part of, on an awesome day.

Ana & Teo

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