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Full Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming experience and take on average over 250 hours to plan (more for a Destination Wedding), taking up much of your valuable time. Leave it to us to take away hours spent researching, contacting suppliers, attending meetings and creating schedules.

Your dedicated LGBTQ+ Wedding Planner will be guiding you every step of the way, advising you through the planning process, managing the budget, sourcing and booking all key suppliers who best fit with your wedding style and budget, assisting with stationery and signage wording, creating your Wedding Day Timeline and providing expert wedding advice and recommendations.
We meticulously plan every detail and work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring all the logistics together. We’ll guide you through the rehearsal process and coordinate your wedding, so the only thing you and your family need to worry about is enjoying every minute of your special day.

Lgbt wedding planning Service
service wedding planning

Partial Wedding Planning

The big items have been ticked off your Planning Checklist, although you still need help sourcing the celebrant, videographer, baker, florist and entertainment, as well as pulling it all together to ensure you have every crucial detail organised. We create your LGBTQ+ Wedding… Contact us to create a tailored package to suit you!

lgbtq+ wedding planning

Wedding Day Coordination

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your lives, so the only thing you and your family should be thinking about is enjoying your special day. Leave it to us to bring all your hard work and hours of planning to life.
From setting up last minute items pre-ceremony, coordinating the reception party, managing all suppliers on the day, keeping track of scheduled timings and finding a solution to any crisis that may occur, you can trust us to deliver a seamless and stress-free day.

Planning by the hour

Don’t know how to start planning your wedding and time is running short? Planning by the Hour is perfect to get your plans underway and the key suppliers (venue, caterer, photographer, band) locked in.
From budget and Wedding Day Timeline development, venue scouting, supplier recommendations, reviewing contracts, or for general advice and planning tips, we can assist no matter how big or small the task is.

Wedding with your pet

Have your dog walk down the aisle with the bridesmaids, or stand with the groomsmen as you say your vows. Your furry friend can even dress for the occasion. Give your pup a bowtie that matches those of the groomsmen, or a little dress so your fur baby can be an honorary flower girl. Just think about how adorable those pet wedding photos will be. If your pet can’t make it to the big day. You can use your relationship with your pet as inspiration for your wedding stationery, décor, favours, cake, and more.


Honey Moon

Since honeymoons are once in a lifetime experiences, often taking newlyweds to places they’ve never traveled to before, many couples feel the need to completely load up their schedule with activities and experiences. However, this can sometimes lead to more stress, especially during the first few days of a trip when your body is still getting adjusted. Let Costas Wedding Planning take the stress off your shoulders.

Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversaries are very beautiful and special occasions. Whether it’s your 1st anniversary, your 25th anniversary, or your 50th wedding anniversary it’s certainly cause to celebrate. If you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary as a holiday party with your family or just the two of you,  then don’t be stressed. Costas Wedding Planning will make this celebration memorable.


 Down on one knee with the roses in one hand and the ring in the other. That gets old fast! You’re going to have to be a little more clever than that if you want to do it right. 
Find your special way to say and show your partner is the best thing that ever happened to you. Costas Wedding Planning will take care of the rest.

Stag & Hen´s parties

The time has come to stop dreaming and turn all these proposals into reality before saying goodbye to the single life, your celebration will be perfect by organising it with our leisure, hospitality and entertainment services.
Whether it is a Stag or Hen weekend, a day of activities and trips or a night of restaurants and clubs, we are here to help.

Romantic Getaway

A Romantic Getaway is one where you are alone together without distractions to spend quality time to focus on each other.  An ideal location would be somewhere secluded, away from noises and distractions that would lead your mind to wander. 
Where to begin?  The first things to think about are how much time you would like to be away for, how far you are wanting to travel, what places you would love to visit and how much money you are wanting to spend? Costas Wedding Planning will help you to plan every single detail.

I also help couples with…

Creating a budget

Choosing a style

Booking a venue

Caterers and Desserts


Guests & Invitations

Gift Registry

Day Of Coordination

Venue Decor



Rehearsal dinner

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