Since I can remember, my life has always been surrounded by all kinds of animals, especially dogs. I was very fortunate in that my father taught me his love and respect for animals and how loyal they can be if they are well treated and cared for. When I was a child, I played with them, dressed them up with dresses from when I was younger or with the clothes I had on my dolls. At night I would always came home late, since I spent all my time playing with them in the garden of my house until it got dark. You could say that in my family we are all animal lovers…

animal loversI grew up and left my parents’ house to start a new life in Fuerteventura, where I started living in staff housing in the hotel where I worked and obviously dogs were not allowed. As time went by I was able to rent a place to live outside of work and I decided that I wanted to have a dog again in my life. Along came Homer, a beautiful Golden Retriever, a great lover of water, intelligent, loyal and playful. Homer was in my life almost 9 years, until a terrible tumour in his head took him away from me. So far in my life all the dogs I owned, the decision had always been my parents’ to make, but in this case, me being the sole person responsible for my pet, the decision of when to say goodbye to him, because you know that he is suffering was mine. It has been one of the hardest decisions of my life, for those who know me they know perfectly well the love I have for my animals. When Homer left, I literally went crazy, in pain, in despair, the house was empty, my faithful friend was gone.

I never wanted to have a dog again in my life, they give you many joys, but when they get sick, the suffering is the same as if it were a person, they literally become a piece of you. Six months later on a trip to Madrid I met Teo, a brown and white Basset Hound. It was definitely love at first sight, his big eyes, his ears dragging on the ground and his huge legs, impossible not to die of love for him. Teo travelled from Madrid to Fuerteventura and three years later when I decided to travel to New Zealand, I could not ask anyone to take care of him for me. I did not know how long I would be out of the country, nor will I abandon him on the side of the road. So without hesitation, from the Canary Islands he travelled with me to New Zealand.

What an adventure! It was not easy I have to admit, the requirements to enter this beautiful country with your pet are innumerable, but even so, I would not leave him behind, he came with me. Now I am preparing to return to Spain and this is where I tell you the reason for my return.

When I decided to start my business as a Wedding Planner, the first thing you have to ask yourself is what is your niche? Personally, it took me around 2 weeks to realise who the people who I really wanted to help were, it is not worth simply saying couples who want to get married, that is a huge mistake. You have to think what you really like to do and what you enjoy the most. Of course partying and celebration was the only thing that was going through my head and it has to be something very very special and unique. Suddenly…. The lightbulb moment, that’s it! What about the LGBTQ+ community? They have to celebrate this day in a big way too and being able to be part of that moment would without a doubt be the greatest honour for me.

At this moment I spoke to Cecilia, my mentor, and she asked me the question, but what do you like the most, what do you really enjoy in your life and I thought, well, my dog is number 1 in my life of course!!!

animal lovers

And so, the idea of including your dog on your wedding day was born. Although, it is true that not everyone can afford to travel to the Canary Islands with their dog or are not able to include it on the day of the celebration. However, please read the post “Wedding with your pet” where we give several ideas to keep him in mind on such a special day. Having your dog at your wedding carries a great responsibility. He is not just any guest, he needs special attention and guidelines to protect his well-being and to avoid stress with noise, smells and all kinds of distractions. Commenting to Cecilia this concern, she passed me the contact of a company specialised exclusively in the attendance of pets at events: “Yes We Pet”… Without a doubt, other great animal lovers!

Cris Lima and “Yes We Pet”, thanks for appearing in my life! I spent more than an hour with her on the phone explaining my ideas. She, for her part, told me what her work method is and we connected immediately. She shared with me the magnificent and successful experiences available for all your events. I want to tell you that “Yes We Pet” is a pioneer in Spain for dog events, in a professional and responsible way. They make it possible for dogs, another member of the family, to be present at special events and moments. Based in Madrid, but with availability to move to any part of the country, whenever possible, they have reservations for events, even a year before the celebration. Throughout our conversation, I felt like I was talking to Cesar Millán, he doesn’t see his work as a business, but rather it is his passion and it is driven by the welfare of animals. Thanks again, Cris! I rarely find people who are as passionate about dogs as I am. They really are animal lovers!!!

Hi, I’m Ana and I’m a animal lovers! If you decide to get married and want your dog to be present, contact me and between “Costas Wedding Planner” and “Yes We Pet” we will make your dog feel like another guest on your wedding day. From here, I want to thank you for taking care of, loving animals and caring as much for your dog as you would for a person.

animal lovers


Ana Costas


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