As with all things in life, with time and experience we learn. No matter how well you know your loved one or a prospective partner, we all need help from time to time, as we can easily become stuck in our ways. We realise a certain routine works and we repeat it constantly as we know the outcome is generally successful. There is nothing wrong with this, for many people habit is better, but for many more it can become a little tedious and uninteresting. Remember that romance is subjective and different for every individual. Something considered romantic by one may not have the same result for another person. Grand gestures can be impressive but are not always the most romantic, sometimes the little things can mean so much more.

This is why above all else it is important to understand what makes your partner, or love interest tick. What makes them feel comfortable, loved and respected. When you find the key, the world of romance and discovery will be open to you. Below you will find our five tips and ideas of how to invigorate your romance and seduction techniques.

romance and seduction tips

One:  Turn off your phone, be a good listener

These days we are all slaves to technology, almost everyone can be found with a smart phone and an occasional obsession with messaging, social media and the like. While all of these ways to communicate have their advantages, it is not conducive to romance. Is there anything more frustrating than having a conversation with someone who is more interested in the incessant pings and vibrations emitting from their mobile phone than you? So, switch it off. Put it away. Ignore it. Prioritise the person you love or care for. Show them that they are more important, and that all those distractions can wait.

Share their passions, let them take the reigns and tell you the things they love. Be it a hobby or a cause close to their heart. We all want to feel like we are the most significant person in the world to that special someone. What better way to project that than to give them all of your attention.

romance and seduction tips

Two:  Dress for them

We all have those items of clothing we love for every occasion, be it our favourite comfy leisure wear for hanging out in the house, or our favourite jeans and shirt to pop to the shops. But most of us like to make an effort when we go out. Smartly dressed, showered, a good perfume or aftershave.  Hair styled and lipstick applied. However, next time you have a date with your partner or love interest think about wearing those items of clothing that they like you to wear.  Often the things our partners find sexy differ slightly to our ideas. Sometimes we have insecurities about our looks and we try to cover them. However you can also use your own romance and seduction tips.

With oversized clothing, too much make up or maybe a specific way of wearing our hair. If you were to ask your partner the things they find sexy about you, it will likely surprise you. Maybe they like to see your silhouette in clothes that are more form fitting, even if you don’t think they suit you. Maybe they prefer that Coral shirt that you think is too feminine, that actually brings out the colour in your eyes. Those sexy undies that make you feel, self conscious, but in reality show all their favourite bits of you. Sometimes it is healthy to step out of our comfort zone and try something new. When you feel sexy it radiates from you giving you a feeling of confidence that can only be attractive to those you love.

romance and seduction tips

Three: Random texts or messages for no reason

We all use messaging in some manner these days it is a part of everyday life. Normally we use it as a means to speed up communication. Short messages sent whilst we are busy doing other things. A text to ask what you need from the supermarket on the way home. What time the plumber is due? If your parcel has arrived? In amongst all this necessary but mundane white noise, lies the opportunity to be romantic and seductive. What better way to start the fires of love when you cannot be together? Some of the sweetest gestures come from the unexpected. If you are working and you have a moment to send a message to your loved one. Rather than enquire about the mundane. Send a loving text.

Be spontaneous and thoughtful. Tell them you are thinking of them. Tell them your feelings. The things you love about them. How you cannot stop thinking about them. Depending on your level of intimacy you can tell them the things you want to do with them. Create an air of mystery and seduction.  Always remembering, not to apply pressure and to be respectful of your partners boundaries. Everybody knows that absence makes the heart grow fonder and a cheeky text in the afternoon can make the expectation of meeting all the sweeter. The only limit is your imagination.

romance and seduction tips

Four:  Inspired displays of affection

For the majority of people in relationships one of the things we love the most is affection. This solidifies your intentions towards your partner or love interest, leaving no doubt that the object of your affections is them. Everyone is different and while grand gestures will please many, some prefer the smaller and considered ´more thoughtful´smaller gestures. The most important thing is to know your partner and their expectations. Even if the relationship is relatively new, we all give clues in day to day conversations about our preferences. If your loved one prefers the smaller gestures then maybe you could cook them an unexpected dinner, pick some wild flowers when you take a walk, run a luxuriant bath with candles for when they get home from a long work day. The things we love are usually obvious to the person who cares enough to listen.

In your day to day life if your partner expresses a love of something, make a mental note and later write it down. Make a collection of ideas and on the days they least expect it, surprise them. Maybe something as simple as that book they saw advertised in the advert break of their favourite series. It is possible at times to make those grander gestures. Things that need planning and arranging. Take inspiration from things around you. Maybe you will see a scene in a movie that they love, if it is in your means to do something similar then why not? It proves you are attentive and how special that person is to you.

Never forget love, romance and seduction has no price tag. Be generous with your heart and feelings, not your pocket.  The possibilities are endless if you have the imagination and drive.

romance and seduction tips

Five:  BE YOU 

Finally and I feel most importantly…. Be YOU. Its impossible to win love and trust if you are pretending to be somebody else. Lying to a partner can be manipulative and will only serve to place mistrust and unhappiness in your relationship. When you know yourself, truly know yourself. then you will transmit confidence to those all around you. Confidence (not arrogance) is highly attractive. We are all attracted to that person who is unashamedly themselves. We all have our own special uniqueness and it is important to know what it is and embrace it. It may be a cliché but it is true.

Before we can love anyone else we have to love ourselves. If you feel something for someone, say it. Don´t be afraid to be a little vulnerable.  Being your true and genuine self will attract and keep love in your life… and also use your own romance and seduction tips!

romance and seduction tips

Melanie Baker


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