It was not an impulsive decision to take vacations in Fuerteventura, between classes and work I have to manage the days off well in advance. I wanted to go to a quiet place that was not crowded with tourists but close enough to feel at home. The big city tours exhaust me. I’m sick of the touristic cliche pictures. Here holding the Leaning Tower of Pisa, over there in front of the Trevi Fountain, trying to dream among the hordes that I have the fountain for myself and that I can take a romantic bath with some stranger collecting coins, like in the movies. Nor do I want to go somewhere where I do not understand anything, somewhere the exoticism makes me feel even more alien than I usually feel. I want to be able to understand people, understand their ways and not have to guess over the menus.

Among several attractive options, I ended up accepting the invitation to visit the Island of a Fuerteventura, from a friend who lives there. Accommodation prices can be incredibly attractive too, whether they are hotels, hostels, or systems like Airbnb. Flight prices can also be quite affordable. The flight was a long ride over the sea and when I finally saw from the plane window how we were descending on a small volcanic island in the middle of the infinite Atlantic, I knew that I had made the right decision and I felt peace. Upon leaving the plane I could feel the fresh sea breeze on my face and a blinding radiant sunshine that is so longed for in cold countries. A modern, tidy and clean airport welcomed me.


Vacations in Fuerteventura

The charm of the island immediately struck me and it was love at first sight. It was just what I needed, a warm remote oasis with all the comforts of home, plus the universal latin spirit that lets us understand each other with similar languages ??and familiar customs.

I had one of the most pleasant surprises the first time we went to the beaches of Corralejo, I discovered that we had it almost all to ourselves, only the birds kept us company that morning on the endless path of white sand that frames the blue and crystalline waters of the island. Later I learned that it was a popular place for love encounters, but on that particular day I just wanted to be on my own, listening to the wind and the incessant sound of the waves unraveling foam over my feet. These landscapes are truly a balm for a weary spirit. The Atlantic that stretches majestically in all directions and the hills of the island that keep ancient secrets of gods and forgotten worlds.

The Canarian spirit is also fascinating to me and on this particular island it can be seen clearly. The furthest of the archipelago, it’s an island of fishermen and families who have worked the land for countless generations, friendly people minding their own business. Preserving their traditions and keeping them alive until the present. It is refreshing how such a great respect for diversity can be enjoyed in such an apparently conservative society.  Same-sex couples can be seen walking hand in hand down the street in broad daylight and no one seems to bother or even turn to look.

At lunchtime there is never a lack of options, in the morning for breakfast you can visit the succulent bakeries and taste all kinds of fine pastries with good coffee. There are many fast food stalls of all kinds and for a more serious meal there is a huge variety of culinary styles and cuisines of all nationalities, from Asian to Latin American, although I am personally a fan of the Mediterranean diet and seafood, I prefer the Canary seasoning and enjoy the delicious paellas on the seashore, with some delicious wine or beer.

Vacations Fuerteventura

“The charm of the island immediately struck me and it was love at first sight”


There are plenty of night clubs in Corralejo, you can visit the different places, all with particular settings and decoration, framed in an atmosphere of celebration and tolerance. On one occasion we were lucky enough to stumble upon a recital of traditional music, in an old popular tavern where the townspeople gather to listen and dance their old songs and dances.

During the day, various shops are available to buy souvenirs and gifts. I had there the most surreal experience of the entire trip, going through the stores I met a lady who owns a traditional crafts shop. I liked an embroidered scarf for my grandmother, but it was only for display.  Mrs. Asunción (that’s her name) very kindly told me to come the next day and she would have for me some other pieces to look at.

 I accepted the invitation and when I arrived the next day there was a small assembly of ladies from the Island, expert weaving artists they showed me their works, harshly exchanged veiled compliments and heatedly discussed their union’s rules and policies, for there is a weaver’s union apparently, it sounds terribly medieval but I swear it exists. We had coffee on a terrace open to the field and were visited by the largest goat I have ever seen, by luck it barely looked at us and continued on his way to the distant bushes. We had such a pleasant time that evening that the ladies showered me with gifts and did not let me pay a single piece, we are still good friends on social networks and we always exchange Christmas cards.

Since I was not in the mood for nightlife, we visited the spectacular volcanic landscapes of Cofete and the Ajui caves. We also went whale watching and enjoyed the sea atmosphere and of course flirting with the sailors. The attention and facilities are always top quality and companies compete to earn our choice.

Vacations Fuerteventura

Vacations in Fuerteventura


The night before I flew back home, I had the opportunity to go to a party at a bar where a group of friends had gathered for wine. The diversity of the group impressed me, there were people from Italy, Germany, France, Spanish speakers of all nationalities, British, Japanese, Australian. It was an intensely multicultural and inspiring experience and I spent a very entertaining time chatting away with a charming young man from Malaga; a solid blond with an Andalusian accent who I lost in the crowd for some reason and only remembered sadly when I got home that night, that I didn’t even know his name.

The airport was a bit more crowded that day. I had a delicious farewell breakfast while waiting for my flight. I daydreamed about some ruinously expensive emerald yokes I was almost tempted to buy from a true (and very handsome) Indian prince in his jewelry store a few days ago. I also thought that I it would be nice to stay a couple of months, rent a house by the beach or the country side and dedicate myself to writing essays, look for that other charming man from Malaga, earn an online degree, start my own business and put my own life finally in order.

Vacations Fuerteventura

In the magical calm of the surroundings, maybe I could even come with a group of friends and we could work together on a book, a movie or something, anything really; (who cares? Dreaming is for free; besides, the prices of the island help a lot); We could work together and eventually indulge by organizing magnificent parties and meetings.

I suddenly heard my name on the speaker and left towards the gate. Nervously and out of breath I checked my pockets, the passport fell from my hands, I picked it up from the ground and as I handed it to the security officer, I accidentally grabbed his hand. When I was finally able to look up to see him, I was met with the mischievous smile of the elusive Andalusian blonde from the night before, elegantly uniformed this time. “I was waiting for you,” he said. “you’re late”.

Arión Vespertilio


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